Thursday, February 3, 2011

Second Video Uncovers Planned Parenthood Aiding in Sexual Trafficking and Prostitution of Minors

I have had several people ask about the morality of doing this (Are they lying? Is this morally acceptable?).
I believe this previous post on lying will help.


Reginaldus said...

Marcel, I know that you have refused to post other comments I have made, but I do hope you will post this...

First, I am sorry that I have been too harsh in my responses to you (over at my blog) -- it was not intentional... I am just trying to respond as efficiently as possible, please have mercy on me!

Second, please let your readers consider another approach (one which is more closely founded on the Catechism and the Fathers of the Church).

Recall that I let you post your comments and links on my blog...


Marcel said...

R - The posts were deleted, because the dialogue was on your site.

My problem was not with your position, but tone. I forgive you. I understand that the message can sometimes be twisted when writing it out, so I don't take it personally. But I have learned from past experiences that internet dialogue can quickly fall into being unhealthy debates.

I am uncertain to the morality of these acts, but can see the rational of both sides. The problem is that if we pass our opinion (and at this point, that is all we have on this topic) off as being the teaching of the Church, it isn't fair to those who struggle with it.

The Church has not spoken authoritatively to the application of the principles in cases such as these, so it is up to us to do the best we can. This is why others disagree with your take should not be told they are not with the Church.
For instance -