Friday, February 18, 2011

Respect. Protect. Love. Serve.

I have five kids. Four are girls and one is a boy. Because I only have one boy (Dominic, 9), we have a pretty tight father-son bond. We do boy things together, that his sisters do not get to do. He likes to rough-house all the time and I don't do that as much with the girls. He has even started to challenge me to a contest of plucking each other's knuckles until one gives up. He hasn't won yet (even though I take it easy on him), but he keeps challenging me.

One of the boy things we do is we talk about God and our role as men. We have a little saying between the two of us that sums up what our mission in life is - "respect, protect, love, and serve." This is the job of a man - to respect, protect, love, and serve those in his life, esp. the women. I know that some might find this kind of thinking antiquated, but I do not. I call it chivalry.

This is exactly the mission that Christ came for. He respects the human dignity of others no matter who they were. He protected those who were rejected by society. He selflessly loves us all. He serves us still and His life is a sacrifice still being poured out for us.

Dominic does a great job of following this mission God has given us. He is, for the most part, the type of boy who sticks up for his sisters, is respectful to his mother and I, gentle when he ought to be, and he rarely complains when asked to help. He also has a great desire to please God and to know Jesus. He is my little dude and I have little doubt that one day he will make a great husband or priest / religious brother who will lay down his life for others.

Respect. Protect. Love. Serve.
Our mission as men.

On a related note - it seems another young man is being raised in a way that echoes this upbringing. Recently a state title-contender in wrestling decided not to wrestle in a qualifying match because he didn't want to hurt a girl he was matched up against. I call this chivalry. Good for him.
Tip o' the hat to CMR for this story.


djalk said...

You sir, are a great dad.

Marcel said...

Way to help me with that whole pride issue I have. ;-)

Elizabeth & Chad said...

I haven't read all the articles on this website but you will probably like it:

I do like the one about Lessons in Manliness from Atticus Finch.

Julie Robison said...

This is such a great post. Thanks for sharing!

Princess Christine said...

Thanks for being such a great father & role model, Marcel! Your children are very blessed.