Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pharmacy Gives Abortion Pill To Pregnant Woman By Mistake

What a horrible tragedy.
FT. LUPTON, Colo. -- She is six weeks pregnant and when she went to the pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic her doctor had prescribed, the pharmacist gave her an abortion drug by mistake.
Mareena Silva might lose her unborn child because of the prescription drug error, which occurred last Thursday.

"I took it because I thought it was mine," Silva said.

Silva said the pharmacist at the Ft. Lupton Safeway gave her the prescription of methotrexate. Methotrexate is used in chemotherapy regimens to treat cancer, but it is also used to terminate early-stage pregnancies.

After she took it, Silva started feeling nauseous.

"I came back and I looked at the bottle and it wasn't my name," she said.

The methotrexate was intended for a 59-year-old woman with the exact same last name as Silva's and a similar first name.

"My doctor immediately told me to try and make myself vomit to see if I could get the medicine to come back up," Silva said.

Silva was then rushed to Platte Valley Medical Center where they gave her charcoal to absorb the drug.

"For all this to happen now is really overwhelming," said Silva. "This is my first child, so it's really difficult to deal with."
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Please pray for the baby's safety and health.


not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

What a grave mistake. Blessed Mother, protect this mother and child.

Kevin said...

Believe that's "woman," singular.

And, according to the article, it's not a tragedy, yet.

Without minimizing the danger: "She could miscarry, carry the child to full-term with severe birth defects or she could have a happy, healthy baby [emphasis added]."

Marcel said...

It IS a tragedy. To wound a child and mother is a tragedy. That we have such things in a Pharmacy - to kill other humans - is a tragedy. To cause such a distress is a tragedy.

Gregory said...
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Gregory said...

It is indeed a grave tragedy and a stain on our country that murder in a pill is available, as Pope John Paul II said we are living in a "culture of death".

My child's heart was beating at 130 bpm at 6 weeks (the same age as the child in the article) and at 170 bpm at 8 weeks, there is no question about it; abortion stops a beating heart and ends a person's life, an innocent and helpless person's life.

Kevin said...

According to the article, the drug is used for chemotherapy as well as abortion. The intended recipient was a 57-year-old woman. She would likely be taking it for chemo, not abortion.

Should we remove all drugs that can cause abortion, no matter their other uses? Should the other Mareena Silva have to forgo her chemotherapy regimen because the drug is dangerous?

This is a story about pharmacies given the wrong drugs to people. Not about an abortion -- an noted above, doctors aren't even sure whether physical harm was done.

Pie Pellicane said...

"That we have such things in a Pharmacy - to kill other humans - is a tragedy".

This IS a horrible and shameful tragedy. It is also a tragedy that this drug is used to kill other humans. In this case however, I doubt it was intended to terminate any pregnancy as it was prescribed to a 59-year-old woman. It fact the article also says that it is used to treat cancer.

I'm not saying that what happened is any less serious, and I'm CERTAINLY not advocating abortion, but it's important to be direct and stick to the facts, otherwise one loses his credibility. This situation did not occur because of the legality of abortion, but because the irresponsibility of the pharmasist.

Marcel said...

It is a tragedy that medicines that might save lives of those with cancer is killing lives of innocent babies.

This is a tragedy in-and-of-itself.

Of course medicines can have duel purposes and some are evil as we have here.

Matt said...

This makes me so angry, injustices like this rouse me to fight more for justice in this world. This is another example of how if abortion was outlawed, the risk of a mis-prescription fatal to the unborn would be fewer.

Plus, how are women (and men who advocate abortion) so dumb to not see that they're taken medication for CANCER treatment... People obviously don't read the fine print of what society is force-feeding them.

I hope this baby (and the mother) come out okay, I pray they get justice for this crime. If the baby doesn't survive, she should demand that the pharmacist be tried on manslaughter.

Lals said...

I agree this is a tragedy. However, we need to exercise caution not to blame the medication. Many of the medications routinely used to treat cancer may have abortive effects, or, at the very least, have the potential to cause birth defects. It is because these drugs are designed to attack and damage rapidly dividing cells, such as those in a cancerous tumour. An unborn baby has a large, healthy population of rapidly dividing cells, as he/she is growing and developing to be ready to leave his/her mother's womb. These drugs cannot differentiate between the rapidly dividing cells of a tumour or those of a sweet, innocent baby. Therefore it is up to us, as adults, to exercise prudential judgment and extreme caution to ensure that a tragedy such as this never, ever occurs again.