Tuesday, January 4, 2011

While We Were Away

We are back and excited about 2011! 
Here are some items from our time away:

***An important debate is brewing about the nature of marriage. Carl Olson has compiled the details so we don't have to.

***The discussion about end-of-life options in health care provisions is back. We must fight to make sure it doesn't become anti-life.

***Two new reviews of my book:
***Three former Anglican Bishops will be ordained to the Catholic priesthood this month.

***Russ Douthat has a great article about MTV's attempt to bring the pro-choice argument into the light with reality TV.

***On the same topic, Matt Achbold asks - "If abortion is a completely legitimate and moral decision why not televise it?"

***Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director here in Bryan, has a new book coming out this month - Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of the Planned Parenthood Leader Who Crossed the Life Line to Fight for Women in Crisis.
FYI - Abby and her husband Doug are going through RCIA with me, one-on-two, right now, because her schedule prevents her from doing it in large group. Please keep them in your prayers.

***Josh Mercer has a great post on 5 ways to reform the Vatican Press Office.

***The Nashville Dominicans get some great press from NPR. I have several friends in this order and there are a number of Aggies there.

***Rumors are flying that JPII will be beatified soon. We shall see.

***Lastly, Bishop Olmsted on his critics:

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