Wednesday, January 5, 2011

UnPlanned by Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson, who is going through RCIA (along with her husband, Doug) with me, has a new book that is destined to be a best-seller. I should be getting my advance copy anytime now and will review it when it comes out. But, until then, check this out from Shawn Carney - another friend, who is now the Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life.
If you're on the 40 Days email list you'll be getting an email from my other address about Abby's book, UnPlanned, being released next Tuesday, January 11th.

This her conversion story, Planned Parenthood expose', and 40 Days for Life advertisement rolled into one. It's very well written and there is never a dull moment. All of you had some role in her story and that comes out in the book.

Focus on the Family and Ignatius Press joined in publishing it. The only difference is the cover and David's introduction about how 40 Days started. There is also a forward by Fr. Frank Pavone in the Ignatius edition. Abby's story is the same in both copies.

Buy the Ignatius press edition if you order a copy.

40 Days is not making any money off the book but we know that it will bring floods of other clinic workers and will reach those on the fence.

IMPORTANT: The reaction to the first day sales(which includes all pre-orders) sends a huge message to Planned Parenthood (who has no idea what's in the book and is very worried behind the scenes) and also shoots the book up the bestseller's list and builds the credibility of the pro-life movement -- which has never had a best-selling book.

They'll have discounted rates on the webcast which you can sign up for and receive the first chapter of the book for free.

Get first chapter free:

On the webcast on Monday night the Ignatius edition will be discounted on single orders and bulk orders. This is a great book and can be given to anyone. If you don't want to wait to order it on the webcast or on January 11 you can pre-order here:


Forward my 40 Days for Life email from today to all your people and Facebook all you want...should be a fun week!

God bless,
Pray for Abby, she is about to get really busy with media requests and talks. The pressure will be increasing greatly.

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theresa EH said...

I just read the first chapter,,,FABULOUS!!!!! I had ordered this book 2 days ago from amazon!!! How many lives this book will save!!!!!!!!!!