Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The "Smoking Gun" Letter To Bishops In Ireland Is A Dud

A host of media outlets are absolutely giddy about the reported "smoking gun" of a letter that supposedly links the Vatican directly to the abuse scandal in Ireland. But, Jimmy Akin reports it is all about the media reading something into the letter that isn't there.
"Vatican Warned Bishops Not To Report Child Abuse"!
That’s the sensationalistic headline of this story in the New York Times. As usual, it’s by Laurie Goodstein, and as usual she makes significant errors in her reporting that make the story more sensationalistic in a way that (just coincidentally) paints the Holy See in an unfavorable light. (So . . . what’s up with that, Laurie? You’ve been on the beat long enough that you should be better informed on these matters.)

As with previous stories of the same nature, this one involves a document from back in the 1990s that has now come to the attention of the press. It was a letter written by the Apostolic Nuncio of Ireland (that’s basically the Holy See’s ambassador to Ireland, though he also has a liaising role with the local bishops). In the letter the Nuncio—then Luciano Storero—communicated a message to the Irish bishops from the Congregation for Clergy concerning a document that the Irish bishops had drafted on child sexual abuse.

This letter was immediately hailed by groups like SNAP as the “smoking gun” they’ve been waiting for, showing that the Holy See took part in the cover up of sexual abuse, allowing it to be sued in court, humiliated, and have money extracted from it.
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This is not to say that certain individuals in the Vatican didn't have bad judgments on how to handle this issue. But, the media also has a responsibility to accurately report the facts, not innuendo. But, the media has degraded to the point of merely looking for the sensational and scandalous - forget the facts.

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ohnellie said...

Hello-having done a bit of research on the recently reported 'smoking gun letter from the Vatican'-and having read the entire thing, along with the background of this story, lets get clear what's has NOT been reported.
This letter was written in 1997 by Cardinal Storero, from the Congregation of the Clergy office at the Vatican-WITHOUT any approval or orders from any Pope, and especially, Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope B.
The Cardinal who was the head of that office, Hoyos, got this letter written because he questioned the procedure in the Irish Bishops document, which states that clergy abuse crimes should be reported to the civil authorities-but not, according to Hoyos's concern's, if it would be at the expense of the local bishop's being able to investigate them first.
Again, the letter 'questions'- and does NOT 'order' any change in action, because this would have been AGAINST the original and present policy, of all the Pope's of the last 50 years-none who EVER ordered any Bishop not to report crimes of clergy abuse to the local police.
Thanks to Pope JPII and Benedict XVI, the Church's record of putting an end to these crimes, where virtually no new cases of clergy abuse have happened in the last two decades, is far above the record of the public school systems, and all other institutions, where the abuse of children and minors occur, and are still kept hidden.
The truth sets us free, we are told-and THAT, you can believe!