Thursday, January 20, 2011


***I wrote that MTV's new show, Skins, was the worst that MTV has ever aired.
Now, the proof - MTV is worried their show might violate child porn laws. From the article:
It is unclear when MTV first realized that the show may be vulnerable to child pornography charges. On Tuesday, a flurry of meetings took place at the network’s headquarters in New York, according to an executive who attended some of the meetings and spoke only on the condition of anonymity. In one of the meetings, the executives wondered aloud who could possibly face criminal prosecution and jail time if the episodes were broadcast without changes.
***The Alabama Governor said that only Christians are his "brothers and sisters" and that non-believers are not. For a Catholic response, read Msgr. Pope.

***In one of the most grisly discoveries you will read about. An abortionist was arrested recently for some truly horrific acts, including killing babies born alive with scissors. He has been charged with 8 counts of murder. Lord have mercy.

***For some good pro-life news, actor Eduardo Verastegui has announced that his organization, Mantle of Guadalupe, is planning to build the largest pro-life women's clinic in the United States.

***The Anchoress has some news about this new Gloria, for the new Roman Missal.

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