Friday, December 3, 2010

White House Speechwriter Wins Comedy Contest With Anti-Catholic Joke

Pitiful, but true - apparently anti-Catholicism wins prizes in Washington now:
"Everybody in Washington has been talking about the TSA," said Lovett. "TSA has been kind of a big story lately. A lot of people tonight have made some jokes about the TSA; I am, too. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, you know. First of all, these things are designed to keep us safe. Second of all, it’s giving a way for, you know, defrocked priests to get their lives back together, give back to the community, lend a ... well, not lend a hand, but you know."
My friend, Keith, who sent me the story had a great comment on it - he said, "There’s nothing like rolling terrorism response measures, molestation, and anti-Catholicism all together for a quick laugh." Of course, Keith was being quite sarcastic about it.

The Catholic League is already on it.

I wonder if the joke mentioned Muslim clerics, Jewish Rabbis, etc. if it would have won him the prize?


TEXAN- Milites Domini! said...

Would a joke mentioning muslims, jewish rabbis or protestants have won him a prize? Are you kidding? It has always been open season on Catholics. Catholics have been the most persecuted throughout history and present wouldn't think so by what "history"(?) books say, we hear and read in the news, would you? No matter, it only makes us stronger.

WILDBILL said...

He will have to answer to God. This is the act of killing. Making fun of a Catholic priest is considered makikng fun of God himself. Afterall Catholic priests represent Jesus. Those who ridicule priests ridcule Jesus. I suggest those guilty of this sin, repent and ask for forgiveness.

juetengpower said...

are you kidding, Catholic Priest were already being prejudge last year as being mostly pedophiles because of those high profile lawsuits but not as making fun of GOD but sinning against GOD for we are all humans that err and forgiveness is GODS divinity..

John said...

Catholic loves GOD the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ 110% ++++ Everybody knows it and they cant do it so we have to keep up the faith and prey for everybody. GOD bless you.

awesome said...

"being mostly pedophiles"

That's one of the most preposterous things I've ever heard. The percentage of priests who are sex offenders is much lower than most occupations. That doesn't take away the seriousness of the offense, but to say most is REALLY offensive.

SusanLeeAnn said...

yes to all of the above. if he had said pediphile boy scout leaders or little league coaches, wonder what would have been the response.