Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Christmas Spirit

I was feeling quite Scrooge-like last week. I was already worn out by the marketing of Christmas junk that started after Halloween, ramped-up after Thanksgiving, and gets overwhelming by December. On top of that, I was not sleeping enough and had just finished getting over being sick. Lastly, my sister, who has always been the biggest lover of Christmas in our family, died on Nov 16.

It all added up to me having little desire for Advent or Christmas. But, three things happened, which helped change my state-of-mind.

  1. St. Nicklaus day was on Dec 6, so my wife and I filled our kids stockings. Just having the opportunity to make someone smile helped put me in a better state.
  2. My kids decided to serenade my wife and I with Christmas carols. My two oldest played the piano while all of them sang, loudly and joyfully, about Christmas.
  3. Then, after they were done and getting ready for bed, my youngest (Elise - 3 years-old) decided she wanted to continue to sing songs. Her cuteness ran off the rest of my doldrums. 

No more daddy Scrooge in my house!


Peggy said...

I have felt the same way! I am pregnant with my first child having just married in August to the most wonderful man in the world. However, I have a suspicious lump in my right breast which has snuffed out the joy most people would be enjoying at this time in their lives. However, I've been in serious prayer and leaning on Mother Mary very heavily, even promising her I would not be down on her Feast Day. I do not ask for any healing but only courage to face what ever God's will for me is in this situation. I owe it to God to prepare His Son's birthday (and to Mary too as she felt scared facing her pregnancy). So tonight my husband and I WILL decorate our tree. I also broke out some old vinyl Christmas records that I was addicted to as a child (the good classic stuff not the new commercial junk), cleaned them off and played some last night. It has definitely lifted our spirits!

Chris said...

Thank God for children!

Derrick Flannigan said...

I know how you feel, Marcel! It's easy for us to see the secularization of Christmas in society. But I also think we can see the "Christmasization" of society as well. You walk around the mall and you hear Christmas songs about Jesus by well-known artists! You see nativity sets, three kings and angels. And for our Protestant brothers and sisters, it gives them the opportunity to focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let's pray that such things continue!