Monday, November 29, 2010

What Happens When The Longhorns Lose To The Aggies

What normally happens is you have a number of happy Aggies. But, this year has something extra special.

While St. Mary's Catholic Center is known for putting out a great number of Aggie vocations to the priesthood and religious life (133 right now + another 42 in formation) the Diocese of Austin is also home to several other universities. One of these happens to be about 1 1/2 hours to the east of the Holy Land (aka - Aggieland) in Austin. This university has some vocations as well. In other words, we have some Longhorns who are also entering the priesthood and religious life.

One of the Longhorns who is currently in the seminary for the Austin Diocese, Kevin Jackson, happens to be working with us during his pastoral year. He decided to take up a little wager on the recent Thanksgiving football game in Austin.

He lost.

Thus, he gets to lead Aggie Yells on the outside steps of the church after the 11am Mass this Sunday. We are trying to get the current Yell Leaders (Governor Rick Perry. a former yell leader, isn't available) to join us and media to cover the event. At the very least we will have one Longhorn seminarian, dressed in Aggie gear, leading us in yells. WHOOP!

Join us!


christopher said...

Cruel... so cruel... I hope he goes to Confession right after.

djalk said...

poor poor Kevin....poor poor Kevin

Ebeth said...

We watched the game from afar....pining for our friends and family in Houston.

Gig em, Marcel!!

Bradley said...

I agree, poor Kevin....but a deal's a deal! Can't wait to see him in Aggie Maroon!