Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Haiku On Condoms and the Pope

A Haiku to sum up the Pope, the media, and condoms:
Pope speaks on condoms.
The press just doesn't get it.
I expect no less.
You are welcome to make up your own.


Sister Lynn said...

Don't try to explain
Press hears what it wants to hear
"pope okays condoms"

Kevin said...

Really? I thought that this article wasn't bad:


Take a look at the second paragraph:

"The clarification did not represent a change in church teaching on birth control, which remains forbidden, but it appeared to be a significant first response to critics who have long seen the church’s ban on condoms as a moral failing in light of the AIDS crisis."

A little deeper, there's this:

"His comments indicated that even though Benedict was not changing church doctrine, he was raising the possibility that condoms could be a responsible option if used to prevent disease. He was responding to a question about a controversy he set off last year. En route to Africa, Benedict had said that condoms worsened the spread of AIDS, and that it could be prevented only by abstinence and responsibility."

Pretty clearly indicates that it's not a change in doctrine. And indicates what the position is a "shift" from -- the comments that the Pope made last year.

Of course, maybe the reporter's still wrong. Or this may be exceptional coverage, and other venues may not be as careful.

But it seems a little broad to say "the press just doesn't get it."

Marcel said...

Yes, really. Look at this other article at the NY TIMES:

Kevin said...

Hmm. That was from yesterday, before Lombardi's clarification.

And there's no editorializing at all at that link -- it just reprints what the book says. How does the press get it wrong by reprinting the book?

This really seems like an example of the press (or at least the New York Times) doing it right. They printed a story, got it wrong; the Vatican issues a clarification, and then the press gets it right. Isn't that how the press is supposed to work?

It's fun and comforting to hunker down and mutter about the press always getting it wrong, never understanding us Catholics.

But it may be more effective to draw distinctions between those in the press who get it wrong, and those who get it right (even if it only happens once in a long while).

Jackie said...

Popes words confounded
media's lambast of Church
Condoms not Okay

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Thanks and have a great day .

Marcel said...

The Pope cannot change the Church's doctrine, even if he wanted to. It isn't up to him to do so.

Weigel calls them out and exposes the issue with the press here:

BTW - the problem started because the Vatican is no good at communication. They should have anticipated the press getting the story wrong if they just released parts of the book with juicy headlines.

Observer said...

Pope speaks
Press spins
People suspect
People support
What's new?!