Monday, November 1, 2010

Children Against Abortion

Have you ever passed an abortion clinic and seen children praying for those inside? My kids did this recently with a group from our Catholic home school co-op. They made their own signs and went to pray for the mothers and their children. They were recently featured on the 40 Days for Life blog in this picture:

As the home of 40 Days for Life (it was started here by Aggie Catholics), St. Mary's fully supports this initiative.

It is natural for children to understand that we should not kill innocent human beings, regardless of the circumstances of the parents. The sad thing is the more "mature" adults in our society try to rationalize the act of abortion.

Here is some good news from the final day of 40 Days for Life - fall 2010 campaign:
It’s Day 40 — and I have great news to share! As of right now, we know of 541 babies — and their mothers — that God has spared from abortion.

That’s at least 3,352 since the first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign a mere three years ago. And who knows how many more that we’ll never hear about?
Praise God!

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