Monday, November 8, 2010

BIG NEWS - 5 Anglican Bishops To Join Catholic Church

This has been hinted at for some time.
The five will convert to Roman Catholicism in the first wave of protests over plans to ordain women bishops in the Church of England for the first time.

The Roman Catholic Church backed their move, which was first reported in The Daily Telegraph, and promised a "warm welcome" to all Anglicans who decide to switch allegiance to Rome.

Senior Catholics are finalising plans for the English Ordinariate, a new body created by the Pope to accommodate Anglican converts who cannot accept women bishops.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, Alan Hopes, the Roman Catholic representative leading the development of the Ordinariate, confirmed the identities of the five converts today.

Bishop Hopes said: “We welcome the decision of Bishops Andrew Burnham, Keith Newton, John Broadhurst, Edwin Barnes and David Silk to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate for England and Wales.”

He said Catholic bishops would be finalising plans for the establishment of the Ordinarate next week, and promised a “warm welcome” to “those who seek to be part of it”.
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Please keep these Anglican bishops and others who will become Catholic in your prayers.
Fr. Dwight has more details.

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