Monday, November 8, 2010

40 Days For Life Supporters Stop an Attempted Forced Abortion In Austin

A pregant teen was taken to an abortion facility in Austin, where her parents tried to force her to get an abortion. Several witnesses saw her get assaulted by her mother, while trying to get the teen into the facility. One of our former students, Elizabeth McClung, heads up the Austin Coalition for Life and the 40 Days for Life effort there and is quoted in this article about the story.
Elizabeth McClung of the Austin Coalition for Life was not present for the Oct. 9 incident at the International Health Care Solutions independent clinic in northwest Austin. However, she reported that sidewalk counselors involved in the 40 Days for Life campaign had spoken with the girl before her mother started “getting physical.”

The girl’s mother “was shoving her, hitting her, pushing her. She actually fell on the ground and scraped her leg.”

“At one point she actually was holding onto the bed of a pickup truck in the parking lot but her mom was yanking on her to go inside.”

Pro-life advocates who witnessed the coercion called the Texas Alliance for Life and asked what they should do.

“Dial 911, that is a crime occurring,” they were told, according to Pojman. “No one can be coerced, it may be an assault.”

“We stayed on public property, we didn’t trespass,” McClung told CNA. “We called police and were peacefully praying.”

When police arrived, the counselors told the police they were available to help. When the girl and her mother came out, the sidewalk counselor emphasized to the young woman that it was her decision not to have an abortion. She gave the girl her name and phone number.

While the teen’s mother did take her to Planned Parenthood a few days after the incident, she again decided not to abort, McClung reported. A local maternity home has offered to help the young woman.
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Pray for this courageous young teen mother.

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Left-Footer said...

Thank you for this and thank God for the courage and resourcefulness of 40 Days For Life.