Thursday, October 7, 2010

Worst Pro-Abortion Ad Ever?

This ad will probably drive more people to the pro-life side of things, it is that bad.

As one commentator wrote:
All joking aside (literally), this video is utterly ridiculous. Yeah, yeah — the premise is simple. None of the scenarios in the video make sense, and calling a fetus a person doesn’t make sense, either. But a person’s worth is not measured by any of the idiotic things this video lamely tried to joke about. Quadriplegics can’t play tennis. Are they not people? A two-year-old out for a lunch date with Mommy can’t pay for his share of the bill. Does the two-year-old not count, either? The idea that personhood has anything whatsoever to do with the activities a person can take part in is ludicrous, and Choice USA knows it. They also know that most pregnant women instinctively know that what is growing inside of them is a person, and not a clump of cells or a bit of tissue or a fetus. It’s a baby.
Tip o' the hat to CMR.

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