Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texas State Welcomes FOCUS Missionaries

Fr. Brian Eilers welcomed six FOCUS missionaries to Texas State this year. Fr. Brian is one of our Aggie priests. CNA has a story about them:
Six new FOCUS missionaries have joined the Catholic Student Center at Texas State University in San Marcos to evangelize and minister to college students.

FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) is a national Catholic outreach program providing missionaries to college campuses all over the country. The missionaries are recent college graduates who have been taught effective methods of evangelization. Their purpose is to expand Catholic campus ministries.

Kayla DiNardo, the development director at the Texas State University Catholic Student Center, said the center is blessed to have the missionaries.

“They spend their days out on campus, inviting kids to our Sunday Masses, to get involved in our Catholic Center activities, and most of all, to join one of our weekly Bible studies,” DiNardo said. “This August, the day before classes started, our FOCUS missionaries attracted a crowd of new students to the Catholic Center by setting up a big water slide and snow cone booth outside. The wonderful part was that more than 100 students walked inside the Catholic Center for the first time.”

DiNardo said ministering to college students is an ideal opportunity to carry out the church’s call to evangelize.

“Young college students are extremely malleable, and looking for a place to fit in. It’s an ideal time for us to encourage them to live an authentic Catholic life,” she said.
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Interestingly, there's another FOCUS with a similar... focus.