Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Problem With Donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

It is quite trendy to buy pink items, donate to pink causes and to support cancer awareness (esp. breast cancer awareness). But, some organizations can be problematic for Catholics and other Christians.

From LifeNews:
Like many families, my grandmother and great-grandmother both had breast cancer. The issue of wanting to fight what harms your family or friends is noble. So when I tell people that I do not support Susan G. Komen an organization that exists to “fight breast cancer”, I normally get the look of one: why would you abandon your family or two: oh there goes one of those extremist.

However, my reasons are not that extreme, but rather principled.

I'm sure many of you reading this article have also been confronted with the issue of if I ‘m pro-life then how can I support an organization that supports the nation’s leading abortion provider. Hopefully, the following principles can shed some light on how to respond sympathetically, yet firm with why you cannot wear pink, or join the race, or all the various ways that Susan G. Komen is supported.

Principle # 1 Don't give to organizations that promote the shedding of innocent blood.

If this were a list of commandments, we could start with Thou Shall Not Kill. However, Proverbs 6:17 states that one of the seven things God hates are hands that shed innocent blood.

Unfortunately, Susan G. Komen has given over $3 million dollars between 2003 and 2008 to Planned Parenthood which is the nation’s leading abortion provider.

While Susan G. Komen makes claims that these grants go for breast exams, once the funds go to Planned Parenthood they are fungible. For example, you can throw two twenty dollar bills into a purse one from a friend and one from your own account, but when you go to pay the light bill you use both.

The same is true with Planned Parenthood’s money it receives from Komen. Whenever someone applies for a grant they can say that while this $5,000 is going to breast cancer research, 20 percent of that money is going to pay for administrative costs like keeping the lights on and paying rent. So in essence, the money that people are raising to fight breast cancer is also going to keep the lights on at Planned Parenthood.

According to the 2008 Annual Report from Planned Parenthood, breast cancer services decreased by 4% and abortion procedures increased by 6%. In 2008, Susan G. Komen gave $731,000 to Planned Parenthood.
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Anne said...

Thanks for opening my eyes to this, I had no idea!

dlcarter said...

I do not wish to support planned parenthood@ all !!!!
BUT, have lost a dear friend @ age 45 to breast cancer and my Mother is currently going through her 2nd battle w/ the illness after 10 yrs of being cancer free...
SO WHAT organization do I donate to?
any suggestions or information is greatly appreciated..

Marcel said...

St. Jude Children's research hospital does not do abortions and does not support fetal stem cell research or Planned Parenthood. They might be one of the best in the country to support cancer research.

Tina said...

The Bioethics Defense Fund has a list of alternatives here; I've been able to use it to check the organizations that partner with products to donate a portion of the profits. If it says "Komen" on it, I won't buy it! I also send an email to the company telling them why I will not buy their product and giving them some alternative breast cancer charities they could donate to. Drives my husband nuts, but I think it's important.