Monday, October 25, 2010

Fr. Robert Barron on St. Thomas More


lwithers1 said...

Fr. Barron,
Thank you so much for articulating my very thoughts as our Holy Father spoke in Westminster Hall. In addition to "goose bumps" as I heard the speech, I gave a silent "fist pump" at the end...and promptly watched "A Man for All Seasons".
God bless your ministry.

GGaann said...

I have loved this film, and re-watch it, and have taken time to show it to my kids - and for us Catholics living in England the visit of the Holy Father to that very hall was a special moment , especially, as you note, during a time when the political class think religion is a problem they must solve.

The other significant venue the Tower itself still of course stands and a visit there only deepens the respect for this man.

As a result of this film I have studied the life of Thomas More and even walked the historic streets of London from his birth in Milk Street. That he is back again in our thoughts is wonderful.