Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faithful Catholic on Undercover Boss

What a wonderful depiction of a Catholic family. It isn't a very long part of the show, but this episode of Undercover Boss really shows what faith is all about at the beginning of the episode.

Start about the 3:00 mark until about th 5:30 mark at least.
The following description of the episode doesn't do it justice:
Bryan Bedford, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Frontier Airlines, goes undercover in his own company, where he "gets christened" while emptying a plane's lavatory and discovers how company-wide pay cuts are impacting his employees.
Tip o' the hat to New Advent.


lauren said...

We just watched this last night with our children. Great episode! The show features his beautiful family of 8, him reverently kissing his crucifix necklace each morning and evening, and trying to do his best to help others take care of their families and serve the Lord. Loved it!

Liz said...

Mr. Bedford is a good man...every year he flies a group of young adults out to DC for free to the March for Life. He has an interesting conversion/reversion story and is dedicated to the faith. He runs his company with openly Christian values.