Friday, October 15, 2010

The Difference Between Men's and Women's Brains

This is true and hilarious, which makes it both valuable and entertaining. What more could you want?


Soe Kyaw said...

For men: connect the boxes with wires that start from nothing box and end in nothing box.

For women: place each wire knot in box and give half of emotion box to men.

Men will have emotion for loving nothing box more than women, defending this emotion with string of wired thinking from each box.

Women will attack men with sequential blast of wire knot from each box, filling in with nothing about the defense from men.

This is really hilarious, entertaining, and somewhat educational.


hyldad said...

Soooo true. Thank you for explaining this. Now I understand my husband! Especially the nothing box. That explains why we women can TV while on the internet and still keep track of how dinner is cooking!!!