Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Please Don't Call A TV Station If You See Jesus or Mary

A public service announcement -
If you ever have Jesus or Mary appear to you in a window, a tree, a puddle, a tortilla, a muffin, your car hood, etc. please don't call the local media. They will just make you look like a fool.

There are hundreds of examples of these news reports on the internet. Here are two:

My favorite of all-time is Cheesus from Houston:

The media has no interest in spreading the faith. They are in the business to make money. If your story will keep people hooked to their broadcast, then they will use you to get viewers - even if you look like a fool.


Christina said...

Cheesus looks like a fetus to me...

There was one time something like that happened to me, I remember chuckling and immediately consuming the food item.

Lake County Right to Life said...

There are legitimate supernatural experiences, but these types of claims of visions of Jesus and Mary in french fries or highway underpasses, trivializes the value of true and authentic revelation, and the credibility of our Faith. Instead of always looking for visual expressions of faith, I believe faith truly consists in being faithful to God in our daily duties, rather than looking for the spectacular. Awe & shock is for war, not for religion.