Thursday, September 23, 2010

40 Days For Life Kicks Off

A rally was held yesterday to kick off 40 Days for Life locally.

The response to the rally is described in an emair from Coalition for Life Director, Bobby Reynoso below:
As 40 Days for Life kicked off Tuesday night Planned Parenthood once again thought it appropriate to host a party with food, music, and blazing car alarms.

Planned Parenthoods behavior Tuesday night flies in the face of that which they claim to be and the rhetoric so often spoken by their superiors.

We would all do well on both sides of the fence to humble ourselves, Open ourselves to civil and honest dialogue with the aim of further exploring truth.

This of course can be difficult when one is leaning on their car horn...
It's a wonder why Planned Parenthood is so close minded to anything but their talking points?!?

During 40 Days for Life you and I are called to a higher standard.
Our response to abortion is prayer and sacrifice for the babies, women, and workers involved in this injustice.
Pray for an end to abortion.

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