Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Stuff You Don't Really Need to Know About

But, you might find them entertaining.

**Some conceptual pylons for electric lines in Iceland look like giants wandering across the landscape.

**A very creative marketing campaign in England is trying to get people to pick a side between stripes and spots in order to get people playing. Read more here, but definitely watch the ad below.

**An infographic on fast-food burgers. Don't click on it if you plan on eating a burger soon.

**Now THAT is a bubble.


hollisonjourney said...

Burger infograph: Ew. Your sentence should say "Click on it if you plan on eating a burger soon." Makes me glad I've been cutting out fast food.

dbduggan_51 said...

The first video is awesome. It's beautiful, but also makes me wonder if our Creator does indeed have a sense of humor.