Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Other Aggie Catholic Bloggers

We aren't the only Aggie Catholics who are blogging, so I thought I might highlight some others.
If I missed your blog, please put it in the comments of this post.

Matt Warner.
Matt is the man behind Flocknote, and several other sites. He also has two successful blogs. The first and biggest is FallibleBlogma and he also blogs for the National Catholic Register.

Taylor Marshall.
When Taylor was at A&M, he was not Catholic, in fact he was anti-Catholic at the time. But since graduating he went to seminary, became an Episcopal priest, became Catholic, and is now studying for his Ph.D., writing books, and more. Taylor blogs at Canterbury Tales by Taylor Marshall.

Sr. Lynn D'Souza.
Sr. Lynn is a in the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, MO. She is also the inventor of the low-gluten host, which got approval from the Vatican, to be used around the world for those suffering from celiac disease. She was featured on PBS for her invention. She blogs at Day By Day.

Zach Rathke.
Zach is teaching at a school for impoverished children in Kenya. He blogs about his experiences in the mission fields at Life Abundant.

Chris Smith.
Chris was one of our interns this past academic year. He is off to serve as a missionary for NET Ministries. He will be blogging about his experiences at NetAggie's Blog.

Carson Weber.
Carson is Associate Director for New Media Evangelization for the Diocese of Sacramento. He blogs at

Shawn Carney.
Shawn is the Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life (which was started by Aggie Catholics). He contributes to the 40 Days for Life blog alongside David Bereit who is the Director of 40 Days for Life and also a former parishioner of St. Mary's.

Tom Reitmeyer.
Tom is a seminarian for the Diocese of Austin. His brother, Fr. Todd, was a young blogging Aggie priest before he was killed in a tragic boating accident (you can view the archived blog of Fr. Todd here).
Tom blogs at Aggie Catholic '00.

Devin Rose.
Devin is a former Baptist who became Catholic while at A&M. He now loves to defend the faith. Devin blogs at St. Joseph's Vanguard and Our Lady's Train.

Any other Aggie Catholic bloggers that want to share their blogs?
FYI - I am steering away from personal blogs about family / babies / etc.


timh said...

... one of Fr. Jason Cargo's blogs:

Sister Lynn said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am grateful!

Blair said...

I have a blog, which is more of a Catholic Mommy Homeschooling Blog, and sometimes just a photo album when I'm pregnant and without many working brain cells! But I have had a few published articles on Faith & Family Live, which are linked there, and hopefully my brain will start working again in about 6 more weeks!

Brandon Vogt said...

Wow! What a testament to what God has done at Texas A&M over the years.

bullschuck said...

But my baby is sooooo cute!!