Friday, August 13, 2010

FoxNews and Sexual Values Conflict

I don't go to many traditional news pages, so when I read this commentary about FoxNews having a double standard on sexual values , I was shocked to see just how true it is. What a shame.
A snip:
Even a quick stop at–with a series of sidebar ads from Republican campaigns and a link to Glenn Beck–gives most readers a sense that something highly conservative is afoot.

But FoxNews has, and continues to set a vicious double standard when it comes to real, ‘conservative’ values (or for that matter, any values at all) regarding the meaning and dignity of sexuality.

Scroll down half a page down and you’re liable to get an eye-full of half-clad bodies, the latest Maxim Hot 100 List, and about three different stories on Playboy centerfolds “Then & Now.” In short, the ratio of news to sex on Fox’s homepage generally comes in at about 3:1.

So what are the conservative kings up to, peddling all this flesh? (And certainly, “peddling” isn’t an overstatement, since nearly half the homepage is covered in it, and most of those stories include “photo galleries” for the curious viewer.)

Add to this imbalance–an imbalance not visibly present at CNN, NPR or the BBC–Fox’s consistently pointed commentary on things like Christina Aguilera’s latest video (a parade of “sex, skin and scandalous lyrics”), and you’ve got a nice little double standard, complete with talk of “obscenity” paired next to complementary, streaming footage.
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浦飯経妄荷 said...

Rather interesting that they say this. I go to Fox News a lot and so far I have only seen two out of the many headlines on the front page that suggests this content. At least one of these condemns one of the pictures.

Had it really been half the top page covered in this, I would never go back to Fox News and I would watch it less.

Marcel said...

It is somewhat of an exaggeration to say "nearly half the homepage is covered" with the images. But, the point is still valid. There are scantily clad, and seductively posed pictures on there constantly.

Andrew Haines said...

Marcel, thanks for the link to my article.

In response to the volume of images, it's true that Fox has done quite a bit to clean up their homepage. (I don't necessarily think its "less" questionable images or stories, simply that they are better dispersed now across more vertical space.) A few months ago, though, the 3:1 ratio I mentioned was almost dead on -- at least on certain days.

Either way, any double standard is too much of a double standard.

Steve said...

I agree with you Andrew. I don't visit because of this fact.