Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Abby (and Annie), Your Advice Stinks!

Modern syndicated advice columns offer terrible recommendations. The relativistic morality that runs thick through them is being dished out to millions of readers every day. A few examples below.
Though these are printed in papers read daily, I warn you - these are not easy to read letters or responses.

Two from Annie's Mailbox:
Example 1 - (first letter - starts with "I am a 22-year-old".
  • Notice that the advice to the girlfriend who got an STD from her boyfriend is not that sex outside of marriage is dangerous, but that she needs to be treated. Notice that there is an assumption that sex is great, no matter what you "choose" to do or with whom.
Example 2 - (first letter - starts with "I just learned").

  • The morality of the choice of the abortion isn't even brought up. It is assumed to be left up to the woman and "being judgmental" is the vice to avoid. While being compassionate to a woman who suffered an abortion is a good thing, to avoid the truth is not.

The crux of the advice in many of these responses is the ultimate goal of sex is to be satisfying and acceptable for both partners.

Two from Dear Abby:
Example 1
  • She advises a pregnant teen to talk to mom or another adult (not a bad thing), but then says to go to Planned Parenthood if she can't find someone to talk to. She then goes on to defend her advice as well as Margaret Sanger, etc., etc.
Example 2
  • In this column we find out that abstinence-only sex ed is crazy and that parents must teach their kids about contraception. Oh, you should also buy her booklet for teens on this subject...

I don't even know where to start. The advice is coming from a moral vacuum and the reality of relativism is on full display.

Stay away from these columns. If you are stuck in a bad situation and need advice, please don't write an advice column. Find a wise and good Catholic priest or other mentor who can help guide you. If you don't know any, then it might be time to start to make some new acquaintances.


Michael said...

Find a good Catholic to help? No, no, no!!! The good Catholic might just tell some scriptural home truths that are non-negotiable, make the advice seeker feel bad, uncomfortable....Can't afford to hear the truth, mate - let's keep it, hmmm, morally relative, skirt around the real issue. That's what "good" advice columns are about - you just don't understand!
(I'll trust you'll see that this is, to some extent, tongue-in-cheek)

thien said...

I used to read her column but stopped since their advice is just garbage. It has been over 15 years since I read anything. I like to listen to Dr. Laura Schllisinger better. Its sad that she is going off the air because of her use of the "N" word to make a point.