Friday, July 23, 2010

The Ultimate Youth Minister

This killed me. Absolutely killed me.
Unfortunately, it isn't too far off.

Tip o' the hat to Mark.


Daniel said...

Haha "we want our kids burning at the stake!"

.....Breakaway anyone?

helgothjb said...

My wife and I did youth ministry for 9 years. Now days I am left wondering how much the kids were touched and if it was worth the resources that were poured into it. Maybe, just maybe, we should spend that kind of resources on forming adults so that THEY could form their children. A few hours a week has so little influence. So few parishes offer much of anything in the way of real adult formation. Many of my adult volunteers were amazed by the material I was presenting to the youth. They did not know it. They were not catechized! I also wonder if there is way too much of the world in youth ministry. Are we influencing the youth culture or is it influencing the gospel?

Marcel said...

I have to agree with you. If it isn't done at home, the chances of youth ministry touching a kid are very small.

Every Church document talking about catechesis tells us that adult catechesis is the most important kind, because without well-formed adults, we won't have well-formed families or kids.

BONIFACE said...

I have been doing Youth work for three years and I can tell you that it is very rewarding and effective IF the kids also come from devout families. But, if the families aren't backing up what you teach, it's just going to roll off them. It is the family's job to teach the Faith- the Youth Director only helps. Without the family it is a lost cause.

Tim H. said...

I was a father bring his two daughters into adoration. They looked to be about 10 and 14 years old.

IMO, that father is the ultimate youth minister.


Wild Bill said...

Someone please tell me this is a parody.

CornerStone said...

In my expereince, young adults, who are solidly formed and shepherded in Catholic faith (they are NOT common)are the most effective youth ministers. Yes - you need to be smart, you need to make a strong initial impression but don't be fooled by the "need to be cool" trap. There is nothing more evangelizing than a young person, who is a credible witness of Christ, presenting the un-adultrated gospel from personal conviction and solid church teaching. Like Pope John Paul II said, the world needs not more people of words - but witnesses.