Monday, July 12, 2010

The Orange Mass

Red Mass = for those in the legal field.
White Mass = for those in the medical field.
Blue Mass = for those in law enforcement field.

Now there is an Orange Mass. But, this one is...well, read for yourself (emphasis added).
As Oranje fever grips the Netherlands, even the Sunday church services aren't immune. Before an orange-wearing congregation of 300 in the town of Obdam, the AP reports that pastor Paul Vlaar began his sermon by "praying for the Netherlands to win the World Cup final against Spain and dismissing the prediction by German oracle octopus Paul." The all-knowing octopus has, of course, picked Spain to win the match. Clearly, a war has been waged.

With decorations proclaiming "ole ole," the dastardly Jabulani ball placed before the alter and even a goal set up (I'm guessing so parishioners could take a penalty kick after receiving communion), the service looked more like a pep rally than a time of religious worship. But, hey, this is a chance for Holland to win its first World Cup. I'm sure God doesn't mind.
What is the emphasis of The Mass - Jesus or soccer?
They have a goal and a soccer ball near the altar and "orange vestments"

Another story has this tidbit:
During the service, Vlaar kicked a football down the aisle and "You'll never walk alone" was played on the orange piano.

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George @ Convert Journal said...

The priest was promptly suspended. For once, a proper response to such an outrageous liturgical abuse.