Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Letter To The Editor

Below is a recent letter to the editor of The Eagle, the local newspaper, which I wrote last week and was published today. I did not provide the title to the letter.
Why are there so many anti-Catholic stories?

I thought it might have been my Catholic bias showing again, when I recently noticed the Faith and Values section of The Eagle was full of "Catholics do bad things" stories.

I pulled up the Faith and Values section on The Eagle's website. I was wrong. It wasn't just my bias. The vast majority of stories about the Catholic Church or Catholics are "Catholics do bad things" stories. What a shame.

With a billion Catholics in the world and every one of them a sinner, it makes for an easy target, especially when some leaders do horrible and sinful acts while abusing their authority. Furthermore, I know the media doesn't understand what they consider the antiquated doctrines of the church and the reasons behind the Catholics who would freely choose to follow such a life.

Every Catholic has failed (as has every non-Catholic), but I can look in the mirror to find a sinner easy enough. Why read about one every time I open the Faith and Values section of the paper?

If the purpose of the section of The Eagle is to point out bad Catholics, never mind my bias. But, if it is to report on faith and values, why not try something different for a change?

I am not asking for The Eagle to ignore facts, tough stories, or not to report on what should be reported.

But, with a billion Catholics in the world, I am sure there are many interesting stories being told daily which could be found worthy of being printed.

But, then again, maybe I am biased.



Chris said...

Excellent letter Marcel. Enjoyed reading it this morning!

I had a conversation with the new editor-in-chief a few weeks ago. I asked her whay the faith section only had "Catholic" articles regarding the sex scandals. She actually told me that they didn't, they posted those in the "regular" news. When I pointed out to her that that morning there were actually TWO articles of said subject in the faith section, she changed her story to "they are relevant".

She also told me she was Catholic. I refrained from asking "how Catholic" because I could see that I had all ready ticked her off, which wasn't my intention, so I let her storm off. I maybe missed an opportunity but it wasn't perhaps the best venue to discuss it.

Matthew Warner said...

Well put, Marcel! Somebody's gotta keep 'em honest.