Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hollywood Goes Anti-Catholic Again...

This time it is Robert Rodriguez, Lindsay Lohan and others.

I will warn you, this link contains images of Lohan in a nun's habit licking a gun as part of a marketing campaign for a new movie by Rodriguez.

If you are offended by such things, don't click on it.

Another warning for the trailer below - lots of shoot 'em up violence and images of Cheech Marin as a violent priest.

Not only that, but St. Mary Cathedral in Austin is in the movie- you can see it starting about 1:42 into the trailer below. I know the Diocese didn't give them permission to film the Cathedral, but they are on public streets and sidewalks, using the exterior of the Cathedral as their backdrop. The clips inside the "church" are a set, not the Cathedral, of course.

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