Thursday, July 22, 2010

Double Your Radio

Most of you who live in town probably already know that St. Mary's has a radio station - KABC 96.9 FM. This radio station is a low-power FM station which we run out of our Center. It is mainly student run and has a mission of reaching out to those who are not regular church-goers. All of our programming is original.

What you may not know is that we now have a second Catholic radio station in town. KEDC 88.5 FM is now on the air! They are a high-power FM station which is currently playing a mix of EWTN Radio and Relevant Radio programming. The call letters "KEDC" come from the name of the apostolate which was formed to educate families in the faith - The RED-C Apostolate: Religious Education for the Domestic Church. You can also find them on Facebook (KACB is also on Facebook).

This morning, I was blessed to be on Morning Air with Sean Herriott on Relevant Radio. I didn't think that I would be on locally, because the station normally switches from Relevant to EWTN the time I was going to be on. But, I got this email, from the head of KEDC (Dennis Macha), telling me the whole story:
I was listening to the station on my way out of town this morning when I heard that Marcel was to be interviewed during the 3rd hour of Morning Air on Relevant Radio! But, our station changes over to EWTN at that time and only gets the first two hours of Morning Air. So, I was able to pull over in the gas station parking lot and change the signal from EWTN back to Relevant Radio with the RED-C iPhone! I kept losing the signal on my car radio when an 18 wheeler would roll by, so I continued on. I then turned the Relevant Radio feed back down at the top of the hour, while my wife helped me listen to our home speakers over the cell phone. I plan on changing the programming a little tonight so that Marcel's interview will be reaired at 11 pm in the place of Father Corapi, if you all would like to listen...
Very cool - thanks Dennis!
We are uber-blessed to have two Catholic stations in an area this size. Thanks to everyone in town who has helped make both stations a reality.

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Christopher said...

I most certainly agree, Marcel. We are truly blessed to be here in Aggieland!!! - Dennis