Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Catholic Websites

Our Sunday Visitor has a news item for us:
The number of Catholic-oriented websites out there has exploded, and keeping track of the ones that are truly useful gets harder as they proliferate.

OSV Newsweekly is pulling together a "best of the (Catholic) web" for its annual Catholic Internet Guide.

Tell us your favorites in four main categories we've chosen (spirituality, news and resources, opinion and community building) and if your pick makes the cut we'll give you credit (either by full name or initials; your choice) and a free copy of the guide. If the sites you submit are hidden treasures (until now!), even better.

For fun, you'll also have an opportunity to submit your favorite Catholic YouTube videos and mobile device apps.

Here's the link to the survey. Don't miss your chance for fame! And to help out your fellow Catholic web-pilgrims!
If you want to throw a vote our way, we won't disagree with you!

1 comment:

tour86rocker said...

I just checked my favorites on YouTube but the only one that was Catholic in nature was "Give up yer aul sins"