Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful Minds

I do not like labels for individuals. To say someone is "disabled", "special needs", etc. is to label them, and therefore, to limit them.

God knows exactly what he was doing when he made us each unique, unrepeatable, and limited - each in our own ways.

Thus, I am both amazed and yet still not too surprised that God gave a gift such as the one in this video.

Thanks to Kimberly for sending this to me.


Gert said...

I have a sister who has downs and really don't mind the label. OF course, over the years, politically correct gurus have told us we cannot call her and people like her certain things all of which I find truly ridiculous. A name may just be a way of identifying what it is we need to do to help a person.

OF course using names as a put down truly does diminish the name caller but the dignity of God's children, no matter what special gift he may or may not have given them, can never be taken away.

MY real irritant today is hearing people use "retarded" to describe something, or worse someone, they do not like. To me, it's like using a racial slur. The word has come into such common use today that we need to speak up when we hear people misuse it.

great video, btw.

Marcel said...

My dislike of labels is not from a PC mentality, but the opposite.

Political Correctness is a search for the "right" labels.