Friday, July 16, 2010

28 Days on The Pill

28 Days On The Pill is a documentary by Evangelical Protestants about how birth control pills work and why so few people know it causes abortions. Here is how it is described in this article:
A documentary called “28 Days on the Pill” has been released that seeks expose the abortifacient properties of the birth control pill. The documentary explains that many forms of birth control pills contain progesterone, which thins the endometrium, the walls of the uterus, which in turn causes it to become inhospitable to a conceived ovum. This inhospitality may cause a newly conceived human being not to implant in the endometrium and cause an abortion.

The documentary instead promotes the use of Natural Family Planning, which is the use of natural periods of infertility to regulate the number of children a family will have. “Modern, scientific, Natural Family Planning in every study published today is more effective than the pill, and it doesn’t cause abortions,” said Dr. W. Larimore, who was interviewed in the documentary.

Larimore told the interviewer that the pill has “unnatural, high doses of steroids, has potential side effects including a potential breast cancer side effect, and may cause an abortion that you won’t even know about until you’re in heaven.” Continue Reading.

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