Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St. Mary's New Website

The design on our website is out. You can view it here.
If you want to give feedback, please make sure you keep it kind and constructive.
Thanks to Lauren Gulde of Santa Clara Design and Josh Simmons of ECatholicChurches for their work.


John said...

Beautiful new design to the web site!

Just a few constructive points to bring up:
1. Browser size
It creates scroll bars for screen resolution 1024x768 or smaller. This can be easily fixed for that resolution with just a little trimming of the widths.

2. Extra Scrolling
Not much can be done to inhibit the extra scrolling created for the pretty web site header. :)

3. Aggie Catholic Blog Not Showing
It shows only "get widget" and instead the focus seems to be on the Facebook fans (and their photos) listed in over-sized area immediately above.

I would say overall this is a wonderful update. The graphics are incredibly beautiful, a perfect melding of the imagery found in the church. It fits. Great job! :)

Marcel said...

The width is done intentionally for modern wide-screen monitors.

Thanks for telling me about the blog widget. I only use Chrome or Firefox browsers and it works fine in both, so I have never seen an issue. But it does not work with Explorer. I will work on a fix.