Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Trails Adam!

Adam Koll, our Director of RCIA, has announced that he is moving to Corpus Christi to work for Bishop Mulvey and to be closer to his fiancĂ©. God Bless you in your new endeavor Adam! We will miss you.

Please pray that we might find a very good person to take his place.

Adam is a great man who has an interesting journey. He was raised Catholic, but left the Church because he was evangelized by some Evangelical Protestant friends while in college. He then went to a Baptist Seminary and was a pastor in Baptist churches for several years. He then came back to the Catholic Church after an intense study of theology and history. He was a campus missionary with St. Paul's Outreach before moving to Texas to be a DRE at a local parish. He then moved to St. Mary's as our Director of RCIA and brought a lot of passion to the position. God be with you, Adam!

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