Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fr. Barron

Fr. Robert Barron is a modern-day version of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. He addresses culture, politics, the world, etc. from a thoroughly Catholic world-view, without leaving out the intellectual candy we all need. In other words, he challenges us in all the right ways.

I am a big fan.

So, a young blogger named Brandon, who is a regular reader of our humble blog, had an interview with Fr. Barron and did a very nice job asking some good questions. Here is one answer I liked from Fr. Barron, in particular:
I would like to see at least an hour of Catholic preaching and teaching nationally televised through secular media outlets. Networks like EWTN are great, but they are really an "ad intra" phenomenon and express the Church's internal conversations. The Church needs to go out and draw the culture in and we can't do this by presenting ourselves only within our own structures. Of course, the secular media outlets are not just going to give us this opportunity, so doing this will involve the commitment of resources and a willingness on the part of faithful Catholics to make some sacrifices.
Oh, I hope this happens.
Could you imagine seeing something like this video on the History Channel or even a major channel like CBS or Fox?


ben said...

I agree that Fr Barron is a modern day Fulton Sheen. I look forward to his YouTube installments and can't wait for The Catholicism Project to come out.

Ismael said...

I doubt TV stations would like this... they sadly prefer 'scolars' that make wild assertions like 'Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene' and other nonsense (see documentaries on Jesus by the Neationa Geographic Channel...).