Sunday, June 20, 2010

Everlasting God

It is official. I have begun using tape to hold my truck together. After weeks of having the dash board fall off (when either the AC is on full blast or I stop, accelerate, or turn suddenly) I’ve pulled out the tape. So classy.

My truck has definitely seen better days. The back window leaks, so when it rains my truck smells like wet mildewed dog (my dog is a frequent back seat passenger). Several years ago someone left a ½ gallon of milk under the back seat . . . which exploded a few days later . . . so in peak Texas heat add “spoiled milk” to the aroma. The passenger side window hasn’t rolled down in 7 years and the driver-side one goes on the fritz occasionally (of course while I’m in a drive through). There is a spring from the driver’s seat that pops through if you sit a certain way. I ruined a couple pairs of pants before I figured out how to maneuver around it. The dash board is cracked, as well as the windshield, and there has been a rattle under the steering wheel for 10 years now. The coils have been going out one by one, the battery is nearing its end, and the brakes, well, lets just say I keep a nice good following distance these days. And ask me to tell you sometime my windshield wiper story. It is much more fun with hand gestures and facial expressions.

The two things in the truck that have gratefully never gone out are the AC and the radio. (Well, occasionally the radio needs to “warm up”, but it is still going strong!) I can blast the cold air and mood-lifting tunes and let everything else (the leaks, the smells, the sounds, the “quirks”) fade into the background.

As I got into the car the other morning and blasted the AC, it hit me. (Pun intended.) God is the AC of life. Time in His presence is like a blast of fresh air that cools the heat of burdens and dries the tears of sorrow. He refreshes, calms, comforts, and restores. He gives us life and breath. He is also the music of life. He stirs us up when we need motivation, calms us when we are frantic, and moves with us through all life’s ups and down. If we tune into Him we can drown out the rattles and ruckus of life and be at peace.

I realize some of the above may sound a little corny and I must admit I chuckled that God would use my dilapidated truck to remind me of an important lesson. But the truth of it is this: God is always going strong. “The Lord is the everlasting God” (Isaiah 40:28) Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

Though our lives may at times seem run down or run amuck we have an everlasting faithful God who is eager to relieve and refresh us. Though our lives may at times seem like a cacophony of commotion and clatter we have a skilled Musician whose music can rouse any spirit and drown out any angst.

So today as we bear with the imperfections and noise of life, let us remember God is waiting. He is eager to refresh and revive. Crank up the AC. Blast the music. And be grateful for our Everlasting God.

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