Monday, June 14, 2010

Act Your Age!


What exactly does this phrase mean, I have frequently asked myself.
Does it mean you should stop having fun once you reach a certain age?
Does it mean you have to be serious?
I still haven't quite figured it out.

I feel the path to maturity is one of responsibility, dependability, virtue, charity, prudence, temperance etc. It is a process, not a destination. Furthermore, you must attain all of these while enhancing your personality, not losing it. If someone is goofy, then they should be a goofy 50 year-old when they turn 50, all while having the traits above. We must become who we are created to be - not what society wants us to be. Thus, in my mind, the journey to maturity and the journey to holiness are parallel.

We might expect that another person must "act their age", but it should never come at the cost of being something they are not or shouldn't be.

A recent NY Times article called The Long Road to Adulthood Is Growing Even Longer spurred my thoughts on this topic. Here is a snip:
“A new period of life is emerging in which young people are no longer adolescents but not yet adults,” Mr. Furstenberg said.

National surveys reveal that an overwhelming majority of Americans, including younger adults, agree that between 20 and 22, people should be finished with school, working and living on their own. But in practice many people in their 20s and early 30s have not yet reached these traditional milestones.

Marriage and parenthood — once seen as prerequisites for adulthood — are now viewed more as lifestyle choices, according to a new report released by Princeton University and the Brookings Institution.
So, does being mature mean you graduate college, get a job, marry, and have children? I don't think so. I know a lot of people who have done so and are still immature in many ways (e.g., spiritually, mentally, socially).

Part of the problem lies in our culture. We have made youth an icon for our worship. Think of all the ways we worship youth:
  • -Beauty products are a $150 billion industry.
  • -Entertainment, marketing, etc. all target youth and young adults.
  • -Elective Plastic Surgery will top $40 billion by 2013.
It isn't just individuals that are immature, but our culture is immature as well. We have created a culture built on teen fantasies. This is one of the roots of the issues deep within our cultural sickness.

Thus, there are many meanings to "act your age". We need our culture to start acting its age, but individuals have to start to do so first.
Be dependable, prudent, just, kind, charitably, responsible, good, fun, and laugh a lot.

In other words - act your age in the right way.

As Proverbs 13:20 says,
Walk with wise men and you will become wise, but the companion of fools will fare badly.
We walk with fools when we fall for the trappings of the culture.
I will act my age. So should you.

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Sister Lynn said...

Hey Marcel...

just saw this article... the ramifications of our reproductive "choices" continues to grow and hurt the next generation.

just more evidence that teaching TOB is needed more than ever

blessings - lynn