Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raffling Human Eggs

This is more than offensive. This is profane, corrupt, and evil!
Fertility doctors offering a human egg as first prize in a raffle were last night accused of commercialising the miracle of life.

One woman will win the chance to select their ideal donor egg based on its mother's profession, ethnic background, hair colour, qualifications and upbringing.

As part of the free IVF cycle and egg prize - worth an estimated £13,000 - the winner of a raffle in London will also be able to view childhood pictures of potential donors before choosing one.
The treatment will take place in America to get around British fertility laws.

Critics have condemned the contest, intended to promote an international IVF scheme, as a 'deplorable' commercial venture.
I guess if you win the raffle, but don't want to deal with having to carry the baby, you can always rent a womb from a woman in India.

I am not kidding. Here is a website touting just such a program of "medical tourism".
Please do keep in mind that donor eggs available in India are only of Indian ethnicity. But people from overseas visiting India for surrogacy or egg donor IVF can always bring an egg donor with them from their country of origin.
When life becomes a commodity to be bought, sold, controlled, and dealt with as we wish, then we make ourselves into a god and will never end well.

Tip o' the hat to the print edition of First Things.

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