Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please Pray For This Family

This story hit home for me as a father of four girls and a boy. Please pray for this family.
RAGLEY, LA (KPLC) – Four little girls-- sisters-- are all dead after fire sweeps through a home in rural Beauregard Parish. It happened late last night. The coroner's preliminary findings indicate they all died from inhaling lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

It's at 920 Felice Cutoff Road in Ragley where Amy and Michael LeBleu lived with their five children. But a fire which erupted sometime around 10:30 at night has claimed the lives of four of those children. Dead are twin girls 11 year old Kamryn and Keiley LeBleu; eight year old Kassandra LeBleu and one year old Adrianna LeBleu. Their mother managed to escape with her three year old son Michael and tried unsuccessfully to rescue the others.

It's a loss that has devastated the community-- those who knew the family and those who did not like neighbor Pat Keller lives just down the road. "When I first arrived the firemen were setting up. They hadn't put water on the fire yet. There was a tremendous amount of black smoke and it was just coming over the peak of the roof."

The loss of four young lives has devastated the community that now concerns itself with helping the survivors. Says Keller, "I just hope that these people that have been involved in this tragedy can find peace"....At last word, the mother of the children was still hospitalized for burns and smoke inhalation. The three year old son who survived is with family members.

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