Friday, May 28, 2010

Planned Parenthood Clinic Called "Sacred and Holy Ground"

From the largest abortion clinic in the USA, which is in Houston, we get this story.

Near the 1:33 mark, you hear the people dedicating the building saying a prayer. During this prayer, they call the clinic "sacred and holy ground".

Then there are the diversionary tactics of calling their "services" more than just abortion. This is rhetoric designed to drive the conversation away from the intentional ending of human life.
So, I will cut to the chase - to call evil a holy thing is blasphemy.

They say that women can be "safe" in their "clinic". But, this is a lie as well. No woman who gets an abortion is safe from the pain she will suffer, not to mention how unsafe it is for the women's children.

Of course those who are protesting outside are portrayed as religious nuts who are keeping the people inside "under constant surveillance".

Lord help us end abortion and please enlighten those that participate in them.


djalk said...

There is something sacred and holy inside PP.... the life of every unborn child that enters but does not leave.

Tom in Vegas said...

One word: PERVERSE.