Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pilgrimage Blog

I mentioned a few weeks ago that one of our permanent parishioners, Jeff, is on a pilgrimage in Spain currently. He is blogging about his journey and has his blog is a good read. A few snips below.
From Day 2:
At dinner time, all of us came together to eat and discuss our trips to Compostela and why they we are doing the pilgrimage. Before the meal, we introduced ourselves and told where we are from. In my case, it was always “La Republica De Tejas.”

Most of the pilgrams are from Europe: Germany, Holland, Spain and France. Denny and I are the only ones from the USA and the only ones who speak much English. It was interesting to hear all the other languages … As a result, Denny and I can now say “good morning” in 7 different languages. On the last evening of our stay, I was talking to the owner and he said that he has walked the camino many times. He has owned L’Esprit du Chemin for over 9 years and has only seen a few Americans on the camino. He said he always wondered why, but we didn’t have a clue.
From Day 6:
We have done approximately 100 miles of the 500-mile camino …

The big problem is, the path is straight up and then straight down, with rocks ranging in size from 1″ to 10″ in diameter, which absolutely kill your feet. My knees are shot! The dinner in Uterga was excellent, however.

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