Monday, May 3, 2010

Government Employee Pressures Teen To Have Abortion

This is the kind of story that gets my blood boiling. Not only did they apply force to get the girl to abort her baby, but they used the legal system to do it.
A DEPARTMENT OF Human Services caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or her unborn baby if she had the child, according to the teen's foster mother.

The alleged strong-arm tactic happened one day after DHS learned of the pregnancy, when the girl was about 22 weeks pregnant, according to her foster mother and the girl's social worker, Marisol Rivera.

The foster mother did not want to be identified in order to protect the girl's identity.

The Daily News also learned that:

* DHS got a Family Court judge's order allowing it to take the girl for an abortion, after the girl's birth mother refused to approve the procedure.

* By the time DHS arranged for the abortion - in March - the girl was 24 weeks pregnant. She had to undergo the procedure in New Jersey because abortions in Pennsylvania are illegal at 24 weeks.

* Although it is DHS policy that a DHS worker accompany any minor who has a court-ordered medical procedure, this did not happen on the girl's first attempt to have the abortion. That attempt failed when the clinic wouldn't accept her Medicaid card and wanted cash, according to the foster mother. A DHS worker did accompany the girl on a later, successful, attempt.

* Rivera, the girl's social worker, said that she was fired by Concilio, which subcontracted with DHS to provide care, after she initially refused to accompany the teen for the abortion.

"They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children," Rivera told the Daily News. Continue reading.


Christina said...

DHS is an evil organization. It has no concern for children or families, only power over the weak whom it preys on. Although the laws must be different in that state, in this one they would have played all nicey-nice until the child was born, then taken the child away to place in another home by adoption for which they would receive a lot more money.

Oh, and they always lie through their teeth and hide it behind "privacy laws." Nothing is made public for the "good of the child."

lectorpoemarum said...

How the can they get away with that? Isn't that illegal?

But, I suppose if they didn't even *follow their own freaking policies* they might not care... and *going to another state because it was illegal in the first one*. Horrible, underhanded, and a hundred other things.

Hopefully there are good people in the NJ legislature who will crack down on things like this. (I would write them, but not being an NJ voter, they wouldn't listen. Still, I might write them anyway.)

Tim H. said...

The culture which casualizes sex by making birth control readliy available and socially acceptable is the same culture which requires abortion when birth control doesn't work, is forgotten or just ignored.

Secular society embraced birth control long ago. The Anglican Church opened the door to birth control in te 1930's and by the 50's there was hardly a Protestant denomination which did not permit birth control as long as it is "Prayerfully considered." Condoms were widely available shortly thereafter.

The young adults using birth control in the 50's are the supreme court justices which gave us Roe v. Wade in the 70's.

Abortion will end when birth control does.


Giedrius said...

No gouvernement law can protect society from making crimes. Only bodies with good conscience keeps law working.

WatchingMedia said...

This is just the beginning since there are no longer any "conscience clauses" in government laws including the new health care bill.

The US Government at the United Nations including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, debates in favor of government funded abortion as part of women's health care.

The Obama Administration and Democratic Party has truly become a Party of Death. The other Party has one foot on a banana peel.

Pay attention who you support and vote for in politics.