Monday, May 17, 2010


As Patrick Madrid states, "this guy is the least motivating motivational speaker I have ever run across".

Patrick is correct, and the guy in the vidoe has it all wrong. The idea he has, "you can do anything that you think that you can do", is all too common. It is the believe in yourself mentality. I will explain below the problem with such a false philosophy after this man breaks the board.

So, what is wrong with the idea that you can do anything you want or that you set your mind to? It is a lie. I cannot be a nun. A man in a wheelchair cannot win gold in the 100 meter sprints in the Olympics.

I am not saying that having big dreams is a bad idea, but we are not created to do "anything we set our minds to". Rather, we are created to be the persons God calls us to be. This is very different. I cannot be a nun, but I am called to be a husband and father. The man in the wheelchair cannot run a race in the Olympics, but he can use his talents to glorify God in a different way.

This is the error - our dignity is in our being, not our action.
Your value isn't in achieving, but in being the best "you" possible. This is only fulfilled in living out holiness in whatever way God calls you to.

Breaking boards proves nothing.


SherryTex said...

Breaking 1/4 inch balsa wood happens without even trying no matter how soft a head one might have.

djalk said...

I disagree with the last part....

breaking boards does mean something.....but I will be nice and not actually say it.

jsignal said...

Wow, that was the most hilarious thing I've seen all day. In the "related videos" that appear on Youtube for this video are videos that seriously promote this idea - including a video where an old lady breaks a board on her 2nd try, saying she did it only because of a change in her "attitude."