Friday, April 30, 2010

Twelve Things the Bishops Have Learned

A great article from Bishop Blase Cupich - "Twelve Things the Bishops Have Learned From the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis". A few from the list:
2. Despite the justified anger felt by victims toward the church, bishops still need to reach out to them as pastors. Meetings with victims can be challenging for all involved, but they also can be a moment of grace and insight.

6. Our priests have a resiliency that future generations will recall with admiration. They have remained committed to their vocation day-in, day-out, despite suffering from the actions of those who have besmirched the priesthood they love. Their steadfastness has built a reservoir of good will with our people and is a major factor in explaining why during this terrible crisis most Catholics in our country remain faithful to the church.

8. Bishops need to be mutually accountable in their efforts to protect children and must be willing to participate in transparent, independent audits to demonstrate they are keeping the promises we made. What happens in one place happens to us all.

9. Bishops need to resist the defensiveness that institutions often fall back on in crisis moments. Resorting to a conspiratorial interpretation of attacks and adopting a “circle the wagons” approach only prolongs a problem and does nothing to settle it or heal the victims.

12. Bishops must partner with public authorities by complying with civil laws with respect to reporting allegations of sexual abuse of minors and cooperating with their investigation. All leaders of the community whether religious or secular need to work together to protect children and young people.
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George @ Convert Journal said...

These sound like really good recommendations for bishops.

I am not so sure that #9 is completely appropriate for all Catholics.

There is a public narrative being told that is incomplete. Sometimes it is through ignorance and other times through malice. If we do not truthfully defend the Church, then the truth will not be known and our silence will act only to validate the statements made by others.