Monday, April 26, 2010

The Running Nun

This is a really cool story that is being picked up from a bunch of different websites. A religious sister who runs to raise money for AIDS orphans.

From ESPN:
When is a habit more than a habit?

When it's made of a special wicking material to better allow the nun wearing it to complete whatever ultrarun she's currently competing in.

One company made just such a garment for Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd, who as a member of the order of the Religious Teachers Filippini is required to wear her full habit -- a black wool tunic, headpiece and woolen belt over a white shirt and underskirt -- even while running.

Now Sister Mary Beth, as she's known, and Lisa Smith-Batchen will attempt to run 50 miles in all 50 states in just 62 days.

Or -- more accurately -- Smith-Batchen, 49, will attempt to run, jog or walk the 2,500 miles, while Sister Mary Beth, 61, will walk as far as she's able -- her goal is 20 miles a day -- and provide support and encouragement as part of Smith-Batchen's crew when she can't help keep the pace.

And while the sister appreciated the apparel company's efforts to adapt her clothing needs to her sport of choice, she found that the wicking cloth made the tunic too heavy. She prefers to wear her regular black wool tunic.

"It's funny, because Lisa's always worrying that it's too hot," Sister Mary Beth said of the habit. "But when you're hot you're hot, no matter what you have on."

When is a habit more than a habit?

When it's a lifelong passion, the thing that drives a person and the thing for which that person will be known long after he or she is gone.

Here is the website about the project.

Tip o' the hat to Daniel for this one.

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