Friday, April 30, 2010

Green Energy Hurts the Poor?

This is the conclusion that the Austin Diocese came to regarding a steep price hike associated with a clean energy initiative in Austin.  From the Diocese:
Austin Energy Regeneration Plan
On Earth Day, April 22, the Austin City Council voted unanimously to accept a plan calling for 35 percent of the city’s electricity to come from “green” or renewable energy by 2020. The diocese had expressed concern over the costs of the plan and the effect it would have on churches and all Austin Energy customers. The diocese brought those concerns to the community and to the city council. We became the “social ustice conscience” for a group of Austin’s largest energy users. Due to the efforts of many, an amendment was added to the plan that suspends its implementation until cost controls are put in place. In addition, major purchases of energy will have to go through review process. No one disputes that energy costs will go up; however, we are encouraged that our requests for considerations on behalf of the poor and least among us were heard and acted upon.

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