Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Census Question

A quick question about the census. This article says:
With five days left for people to mail back census forms, about 65 percent, or more than 77 million households, have completed and mailed back their census forms. That number puts the U.S. on track to match or surpass the 2000 mail-back rate of 72 percent. The Midwest leads, while the southern and western U.S. and big cities such as New York, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia are lagging.

Groves said most of the lagging areas are either rural or have dense populations, or have more minority and non-English speaking people. That was also the case in 2000.

He urged those in big cities and border regions to step up their response to avoid visits by census takers.
If they know all of this, why do we need a census (beyond the fact that the Constitution requires it)?

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Douglas Naaden said...

So we can find out what race everyone is