Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Big Bishop News

For those who follow such things, Archbishop Gomez of San Antonio was named as the coadjutor for Los Angeles, which means he will take over the Archdiocese within a year or so.  This is huge.
From Rocco:
It is without precedent... its significance, nothing short of epic.

For the nation's approximately 30 million Hispanic Catholics, a watershed moment could come as soon as tomorrow with the appointment of one of their own as the shepherd-in-waiting of the continent's largest local church.
More here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Huge news.
Pray for all our bishops.


tour86rocker said...

I saw! I might shed a tear, this makes me very happy. A real, orthodox bishop is going to be airdropped into this cultural battleground...I see a lot of conflict and a lot of renewal forthcoming.

I pray to God that he'll clean house at the LA Religious Education Conference and turn it into something pleasing to God. And of course, he likely needs to clean house in the Archdiocesan office even more urgently.

I have the feeling that an Opus Dei Numerary like Gomez has exactly the character needed for this mission. I really don't envy him the task, it sounds like a nightmare posting to me but it's so important!

tour86rocker said...

I like Rocco's picture of Gomez standing in the midst of a storm-ravaged Church with what I am imagining to be this look of "what have I gotten myself into?" on his face.

(Yes, I know the picture is out of context. It still seems very apt!)